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before. >> absolutely. >> i won my oscar poll. >> you did? >> all you have to do is guess "gravity" in every category and it's going to win. sound effects, editing. it's easy. >> well done. thanks for watching. >> here's gretchen. see you tomorrow. and we start with a fox news alert. russian troops on the move. the acting prime minister saying armed conflict is a, quote, definite possibility. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. russia has taken over air space, airports, highways, and the regional government of the krooi mi yan peninsula. president obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke on the phone for 90 minutes this weekend. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the region tomorrow. the obama administration says it's going to threaten russia
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with a combination of sanctions and a diplomatic way out of ukraine. but the russians don't seem to be looking for a way out. president putin claims the military action is protecting the minority ethnic russian population. some russian protesters seen here in this video beating up a pro-ukrainian protester. others have been tearing down ukrainian flags and raising the flag of the russian federation. simon, do you agree that this could be the most important foreign policy decision president obama will make thus far in his presidency? >> oh, absolutely, gretchen. i think there's no question this is the most important foreign policy issue facing him and the most important moment in the history of the relationship between washington and moscow since the collapse of the soviet union. we are at a point now where the russians appear de facto to have annexed the crimean peninsula. the real question is whether or
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not this is as far as vladimir putin wants to go or whether he's going to try to peel parts of eastern ukraine away from an independent ukrainian government. were that to be the case, i think all bets would be off about where this heads. >> obviously, he wants this region because it's rich in oil. we should mention that there's breaking news right now that russia's denying they actually have given the ukraine any kind of ultimatum. what do you make of this? if the united states says they're no longer going to send a presidential delegation to the paralympic games but the athletes will still go. is that enough of a response? >> well, you know, this is part and parcel of a response that simply has not been proportionate to the scale of the actions that the russians are taking. by all means, don't sends an official delegation to the paralympic games in sochi. i understand that. but there are many voices out there in washington, and they come from across the political
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spectrum now, who are saying you've just got to get much tougher. there's a whole range of options out there that stop short of putting military boots on the ground in ukraine. >> i want to get through some of those, simon. the u.s. -- you know, should they attend the g-8? should they say russia can't be a part of the g-8? should they move u.s. and nato forces into poland? should they set up anti-ballistic missiles in poland, which obama scuttled in 2009? these are just some of the options in front of him. >> there are a range of options ut there. i think moving troops into poland would be upping the ante, perhaps a little bit too dramatically right now. you can certainly authorize the movement of some sort of military forces, perhaps the naval flotilla down towards the black sea to demonstrate you really mean business. you could absolutely say that instead of everybody heading to sochi in june for a meeting of the g-8, the g-7 no longer considers russia to be part of its club, and it will hold a
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meeting of its own in june somewhere else in europe. there are all sorts of muscular approaches you can take towards vladimir putin personally, extending the magnitsky act, which was passed last year by congress, and putting his name on it. it's essentially saying vladimir putin can no longer be someone with whom the u.s. can do business and no longer someone allowed to enter united states territory. all of these would be tough moves that would send a stronger message than is currently being sent by washington and other world capitals. >> all right. simon marks, your insight. we're waiting on president obama to comment on this right now. he's meting with benjamin netanyahu, prime minister of israel. will he say anything about the ukraine? we'll bring it to you immediately. vestors in russian companies taking a beating. >> i think russia needs to think very carefully about the choice it's making.
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there are visa bans. there are asset freezes. there's isolation with respect to trade and investment. american businesses may well want to start thinking twice about whether they want to do business with a country that behaves like this. we're not trying to make this a battle between east and west. we don't want to return to the cold war. >> so the crisis in ukraine sparking a sharp selloff as global markets react to the russian invasion. charles payne is the founder of wall street strategies and contributor for the fox business networks. charles, dow down 162. why should americans care about this? does it affect their pocketbook at all? >> not immediately, but we are such a really connected global world politically and economically. this is really interesting because as you pointed out, not just that the ukraine has all these resources, but this is -- the pipeline goes with all these natural gases, oil -- by the way, one-third of what europe gets comes from russia. 25% of the coal.
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kerry talked about not re-entering a cold war. you could easily argue that in vladimir putin's mind, we've always been in one, and where does this go from here? the world markets are very shaky. they're very nervous about this. around the world, markets are selling off a lot more than ours is. >> what are we to make of the ruble going down in value? >> i think putin things it's a short-term collateral type of damage that must be done to protect the fleet that they have in the black sea. they're not going to give that up. they're not going to give up crimea. from a historical point of view, from a strategic point of view, they're not going to give that up. they haven't been dissuaded from making these hard military moves. you saw what happened in georgia. putin can live with that. >> what about oil prices? this area is so rich in oil. does it affect the global market? >> absolutely. oil up $2 today, $104 a barrel. that's always a red flag for us.
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for american drivers, it's a global product, a global demand. we start talking about it for at it, it's one thing to talk about these, but what will europe do? america can talk all they want. it's how much our counterparts in europe are willing to do, how much they're willing to sacrifice. we start playing around and interrupt the flow of oil, that sends the price up for everybody. >> all right. looks like the european leaders will be getting together on march 6th if those reports turn out to be accurate. >> they may want to get together tonight. >> sense of urgency. charles, thanks much. >> thanks a lot. some extreme weather crossing the country right now. here we go again. east coast getting slammed by yet another powerful snowstorm. some parts south of new york city expected to get up to a foot of snow again. meantime, the west still dealing with a record-breaking downpour. ironically, the area was struggling with the devastating drought. but some say all this water just too much, too fast, could lead to serious flooding and dangerous mudslides. now to benghazi. a top republican raising new questions about the
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investigation into former cia director david petraeus. and whether it's being used to keep him quiet about the 2012 terror attack. chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris is live for us in washington. what do you know? >> well, the attorney general eric holder promised he'd follow up with answers after a hearing last may. he says that never happened. he questions why the fbi's investigation into petraeus remains open 16 months after the general resigned. quote, my understanding is that as of today, the investigation into general petraeus is still ongoing. when will the investigation conclude? what are the issues still in question? he says the justice department should provide an answer quickly, given the serious allegations against petraeus' former number two, mike morell, who's accused of misleading congress over the talking points. during that may hearing last year, holder had few answers.
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>> when did you first learn about the investigation into general petraeus? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure. some months -- i think a couple months after it began. >> do you know when general petraeus was notified or had any sense that he was under investigation? >> i'd have to go back and look. >> the issue here is whether petraeus knew about the fbi investigation at the time of the benghazi attack and was distracted or felt under pressure because his career was hanging in the balance. >> in the context of benghazi, general petraeus knows a lot about what happened with those talking points and what was going on there at the cia. but he's now in silence mode because of this investigation. we want to get that done. i worry that the investigation is being held over his head to keep him quiet. and that isn't right. >> we've asked the fbi, justice
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department and general petraeus for comment. as soon as we have it, we'll report that. >> all right. a stunning claim. catherine, thanks much. >> you're welcome. a top republican raising big concerns about the gop's strategy going into the midterm elections. why louisiana governor bobby jindal says his party is focusing way too much on obamacare. plus, jury selection now underway in the trial for osama bin laden's son-in-law, blocks from where the world trade center towers once stood. and you don't see this every day. it's the hazards of the job. oh, whoa. a local news reporter nearly gets taken out by the snowdrift and the plow live, right on the air. you don't want to miss it.
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jury selection beginning in the trial of osama bin laden's son-in-law. he's accused of conspireing to kill americans in his role as al
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qaeda's spokesperson after the 9/11 attacks. respective jurors now being questioned at a federal courthouse in new york city. hoping statements could begin as early as wednesday. he was brought to the u.s. after being captured last year in jordan. louisiana governor bobby jindal raising doubts about the gop's strategy going into the midterms now, saying his party focuses too much on obamacare rather than on other important issues like jobs and the economy. here's what he said. quote, there are still too many folks who would tell you the president's unpopular, obamacare is unpopular, and when your opponent is self-destructing, you stay out of his way. just make this election a referendum on that. i think that's a huge mistake. if we want to win the majority, we have to be offering detailed ideas of what we would do differently. i don't think it's enough to just say repeal obamacare.
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all right. does he have a point? >> listen, i think the focus should be on the massive policies that are failing americans. obamacare, even energy. obama's energy policy. today the epa issued a regulation where gas prices are going to go up $10 a gallon. all these policies are harming hard-working americans, even the coal miners are being harmed with regulations. with obamacare, i think they should continue to talk about it. >> so you agree with continuing on the attack mode instead of coming out and saying, here's what we would do? >> we have proposed some things. we have harry reid, who's standing in the way in the senate. so, you know, there are some ideas that are on the table in the house, but they have not gone past harry reid. >> julie, the polls are working in the democrats' favor because the majority of americans would rather see obamacare proceed albeit with course corrections. >> right. you know, i can't believe i'm giving the republicans advice, but what i would do, if i were
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advising republicans, is i wouldn't nationalize this election. this is a midterm. you're not running a presidential. what works, for example, in kentucky against mitch mcconnell, where obamacare has been successful and is ensuring tens of thousands, is not what works in places like louisiana, where bobby jindal is. so, you know, in the congressional districts themselves where the republicans need to turn out their base, obamacare is a very popular thing to go after because the base hates obamacare. but the statewide elections, i'm not so sure. i'd talk about the economy if i were running statewide. >> so jobs and the economy. when people are asked across this country, what's the most important issue facing america, they always say jobs and the economy. >> but when you think about it, the regulations that are harming jobs and harming the economy, when you talk about the political aspect, north carolina, kay hagan supported obamacare. in louisiana, you had mary landrieu, who supported obamacare. they're backing away from that issue. they're backing away from president obama. they don't want anything to do
11:17 am
with either one because they're concerned about getting re-elected. >> so ejulie, what about the fat the republican-led house has passed many, you know, versions of obamacare or fixes. they've also passed jobs bills, but they all get stuck in the senate. harry reid simply doesn't take any of them up. >> there's a jobs bill obama proposed years ago the republicans killed. i see the republicans repeal obamacare 40, 50 times. they've proposed ideas, but i have yet to see the house pass a comprehensive health care bill. >> the ideas are there. they are there in the house. again, harry reid is standing in the way. harry reid is also calling americans liars who are being harmed by obamacare. so health savings accounts, for example, what about that for individuals where people will have control over their own health insurance? right now millions of americans are being harmed. whether you're political or not, you've got government on your doorstep one way or the other. so people are taking notice and
11:18 am
are recognizing what's going on. >> it'll be interesting to see. maybe they'll do it on a race-by-race basis depending on what's happening in that state. jobs and the economy, no doubt still in the forefront of many americans' minds. all right, ladies. thank you so much. so with tensions rising in ukraine, a major newspaper's editorial board slamming president obama, calling his to foreign policy views, a quote, fantasy and threat to the nation's security. this picture causing a fire storm of aft after a father posted it to his facebook page. plus, pizza delivery at the oscars. who's hungry? and that delivery guy was the real deal. ellen passed around pharrell's hat to collect tips. not sure if she ghe got the tip. that brings us to our question of the day. how much do you tip your pizza delivery guy? tweet me @gretchencarlson. we'll read your tweets at the end of the show.
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comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. so reporters out in the field face all kind of risks, especially when they're on live tv. so check out what happens to our affiliate reporter with wtxf. as he's reporting from the snow zone -- steve, i'm sorry to laugh because i know you're okay. he was talking about how the plows were clearing the roads in jersey, when, bam, he gets blasted with all the snow. kelly joking that a reporter from a rival station was probably behind the wheal. called the ming to be the real news room to apologize saying he was sorry and he didn't see him. that could have been a lot more dangerous. glad you're okay, steve. meantime, a father in
11:23 am
connecticut now under fire after posting this photo on facebook. did you see it? his infant daughter in a carseat holding a rifle. and it's igniting a lot of emotion from people on both sides of the gun control debate. trace gallagher is live with more on this story. trace? >> and gretchen, the gun shop in woodbridge, connecticut, also posted the picture on its facebook page. a local television station got ahold of it. that's when it went viral. the father, a man named christopher duffy, said he took it to show how light the rifle really is. as you heard, the response was significant and most of it was positive with people saying there was nothing wrong with the picture, saying, quoting here, gun safety is what it's all about and that was safe. great picture. beautiful child. keep up the good work, guys. but others took exception to the photo and the fact that the gun shop is in woodbridge, only 30 miles away from newtown, the sandy hook elementary school saying, quote, after everything
11:24 am
that happened in connecticut and everything going on with the gun laws, why would you have your baby holding a gun? well, the dad then responded saying, quote, my hand was on it, the bolt was open, it was safety checked. she's clearly in her seat just sitting up, one hand on the scope, one hand on the barrel. well, the gun shop finally took the photo off its facebook page but only because the father requested that it be taken down. the gun shop then issued a statement saying, quote, we support teaching young people to shoot and would never put anyone's life at risk. if i post something and it offends you, don't cry to me, call your mom. so for or against this picture, gretchen, clearly it got a great amount of response. it struck a big nerve in connecticut. >> that's an understatement. all right. trace gallagher live for us. thank you. the agency at the center of fast and furious scandal facing new questions about another questionable program reportedly
11:25 am
involving mentally disabled people. we will bring you that live report. and some tough words from the normally left-leaning washington post. why its editorial board says the president's foreign policy is based on fantasy as the crisis in ukraine reaches a fever pitch. we're expected to hear from the president just minutes from now. he has just spoken about the ukraine. that's coming right up. >> we need you to protect us. we had nuclear arsenal, but we gave it back because of your guarantees. so do what you promised.
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fox news alert for you now. just moments ago, president obama and secretary of state john kerry and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the growing concern in ukraine. in the meantime, with the situation in ukraine spiraling out of control, "the washington post" editorial board slamming president obama in an op-ed sunday saying his foreign policy views are a fantasy and could threaten our national security. stunningly, it says, quote, for five years, president obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. it was a world in which the tide of wars receding and the united states could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces. unfortunately, russian president vladimir putin has not received the memo on 21st century behavior. guy benson is a political editor for and a fox news contributor.
11:30 am
what do you make of that, guy? we're going to go to you then listen to the president. >> well, it's a stinging rebuke of this president and his foreign policy by an editorial board that twice endorsed him for president. when you read through, they're really taking apart this entire notion of smart power, which was the posture that president obama and then secretary clinton, the former secretary of state, presented to the world, which i think a lot of critics have said wasn't really an actual foreign policy so much as a suggestion to the global community that, hey, we're not our predecessors anymore. and that played well here in the united states. i think that was resonant for a lot of americans who were tired of war after many years of warfare post 9/11. that's good political politics, or political discussions here in the u.s. >> hold on for a minute, guy. we're going to go to the president speaking about
11:31 am
ukraine. >> what leverage do you believe you have over president putin at this point, and is the u.s. concern primarily about getting russian forces out of crimea, or are you also concerned about russian forces moving into parts of eastern ukraine? >> all of the above. i spent the weekend talking to leaders across europe, and i think the world is largely united in recognizing that the steps russia has taken are a violation of ukraine's sovereignty, ukraine's territorial integrity, that they're a violation of international law. they're a violation of previous agreements russia has made with respect to how it treats and respects its neighbors. and as a consequence, we got strong statements from nato, from the g-7 condemning the actions that russia has taken.
11:32 am
and we are going to continue these diplomatic efforts during the course of this week. my interest is seeing the ukrainian people be able to determine their own destiny. russia has strong historic ties to the ukraine. there are a lot of russian nationals inside of ukraine as well as native russians, as there are a lot of ukrainians inside of russia. there are strong commercial ties between those two countries. and so all of those interests, i think, can be recognized. but what cannot be done is for russia with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world.
11:33 am
and i think the strong condemnation that its received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia's on the wrong side of history on this. we are strongly supportive of the interim ukrainian government. john kerry is going to be traveling to kiev to indicate our support for the ukrainian people, to offer very specific and concrete packages of economic aid. because one of the things we're concerned about is stabilizing the economy, even in the midst of this crisis. and what we are also indicating to the russians is that if, in fact, they continue on the current trajectory that they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia and will have a negative impact on russia's economy and
11:34 am
its status in the world. we've already suspended preparations for the g-8 summit. i think you can expect that there would be further follow-up on that. we're taking a look at a whole range of issues that john kerry mentioned yesterday. and the question for mr. putin, who i spoke to directly, and the question for the russian government generally is, if in fact their concern is that the rights of all ukrainians are respected, if in fact their primary concern as they've stated is that russian speakers, russian nationalists are not in any way harmed or abused or discriminated against, then we should be able to set up international monitors and international effort that
11:35 am
mediates between various parts that was able to broker a deal that is satisfactory to the ukrainian people, not to the united states or russia, but to the ukrainian people, and deescalate the situation. we've been very specific with the russians about how that might be done by the united nations or the osce or some other international organization. john kerry will pursue that further when he arrives. and so there are really two paths that russia can take at this point. obviously, the facts on the ground in crimea are deeply troubling and russia has a large army that borders ukraine. but what is also true is that over time, this will be a costly proposition for russia. now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve
11:36 am
their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy as opposed to force. one last point i would make on this. you know, i've heard a lot of talk from congress about what should be done, what they want to do. one thing they can do right away is to work with the administration to help provide packages of assistance to the ukrainians, to the people and their government. and when they get back in, assuming the weather clears, i would hope that would be the first order of business. because at this stage, there should be you nan anymorety among democrats and republicans that when it comes to preserving the principles that no country has the right to send in troops to another country unprovoked, we should be able to come up with a unified position that
11:37 am
stands outside of partisan politics. my expectation is that i'll be able to get congress to work with us in order to achieve that goal. >> so we've been listening to the president of the united states. president obama talking about the situation in ukraine. he says that russia is on the wrong side of history, that the world is united, that russia is in violation of international law and that sanctions may be imposed. it could be a costly proposition for russia to continue as they are doing thus far. let's deal back in guy benson, who's been listening as well to the president as i was. your comments, guy. >> well, gretchen, just listening to that, i think -- i don't pretend to be a foreign policy expert. i think much of what the president said sounded proper and sensible. that being said, we also have some recent historical context
11:38 am
that i think vladimir putin understands very well. vladimir putin and the russians had a front-row seat to what happened in syria. just today actually, a democratic senator, a very liberal senator from delaware, said he thinks perhaps our weakness, american weakness vis-a-vis syria, emboldened putin, understanding that tough talk from this administration, which we just heard here on this whole situation in ukraine, isn't necessarily backed up by any sort of real action or consequence. >> right. that was senator chris kuhns, a democrat from delaware who took over joe biden's seat in that state. he said exactly that. frankly, this is partly a result of our perceived weakness because of our actions in syria. so it's multifaceted here, guy. unfortunately, we have to wrap it up here because of the breaking news and listening to the president. we'll of course see you very soon. thanks. >> thank you, gretchen. well, charter schools have helped reduce the dropout rate across the country. many parents want their kids enrolled in one of these
11:39 am
schools. with tens of thousands of kids in high-risk areas on waiting lists. but the mayor of new york city not a big fan. why? these are scenes from "waiting for superman." did you see that movie? we're going to debate, fair and balanced. and dramatic testimony on day one of the blade runner murder trial. what a neighbor describes what she heard and why prosecutors believe the clothes that reeva steenkamp was wearing can help her convict her boyfriend, oscar pistorius. right back.
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to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? time to check out what america is clicking on today. a volcano near guatemala city spewing red hot rocks and lava this weekend. luckily, no one hurt. and a stunning photo of north korea at night. the photo taken from the international space station. it shows just how dark the country is compared to china and its neighbors to the south. and ellen degeneres handing
11:43 am
out slices of pizza at the oscars. she ordered a pizza in the middle of the broadcast and used singer pharrell williams' hat to collect tips for the delivery man. well, new controversy over charter schools in america. the publicly funded but independently run schools that are not unionized. they've worked well in places like chicago and new york city, reducing the dropout rate and increasing the learning in math and reading. now new york mayor bill de blasio is looking to curve their growth, axing three planned charter schools. joining us now to debate, leslie marshall and bob bowden. bob, why is this an outrage in your mind that mayor de blasio is going to strip kids from going to charter schools? >> well, the new york city charters have performed even better than the charters nationally. the recent study from stanford university showed that nationwide charters outperformed
11:44 am
for african-american boys, for example. those in charters get an equivalent of 31 additional days of math instruction time every year they're in a charter versus a district school. in new york city, the charters have done even better. then even among that group, the success academy charters run by the former new york city councilwoman, that's the group that mayor de blasio says he won't let expand even though this expansion had already been approved by mayor bloomberg. this is basically a cancellation of the previously approved expansion. so there's just absolutely no justification for it. parents line up around the blocks for these schools. and for mayor de blasio so say, listen, participaents, we don't if you want this school. we don't care if you're leaning up overnight for this school. we're going to not let you have it. >> leslie, it comes down to one word. unions. >> i don't think so. because they didn't back de blasio. they backed thovp son, who was not the mayor.
11:45 am
honestly, i don't feel this is about unions. obviously, everything a politician does is political to a degree. i think this is about improving the public education school district in new york city, which needs to be done in every school system. >> but they are up proving it with charter schools. >> but the charter schools do not take care of the majority of children. >> they'd like to be there. l leslie, sorry to cut you off, but they'd like to be there. why are so many parents lining up to get in? did you watch "waiting for superman"? it was painful to see all these families who are desperate that their lottery ball is going to be called out and that they're going to get into this school. bob? >> yeah, there's no question about it. the parents are lining up, like i said, for these schools. you know, mayor de blasio is on shaky ground. it's true that only 5% or so of new york city kids are in charter schools. that's because they haven't let charters grow. they're actually stopping growth of charters because they don't want the competition.
11:46 am
charters spend less per student than traditional district schools and are doing better. >> and they base the teachers on merit. leslie, is it not criminal to take away a parent's choice, especially an underprivileged family's choice? >> i don't think that parents' choices should be taken away. as a parent of a 5 and 6-year-old child myself. my problem is when you're taking classrooms away from children who are in the inner city, 90% of new york city's children are on food programs. they test lower for the past five years. they continue to do so. so obviously under mayor bloomberg, the public school system didn't thrive. are we supposed to turn every city, new york, chicago, los angeles, into a 100% charter school system? >> we cover this every day on the ed reform minute podcast. i'm telling you, when you say
11:47 am
yes, certainly the schools in urban areas are underperforming, but generally the charters are doing better. there's a particular phrase. when you take away the classrooms. who is the you in that sentence? in other words, individual parents are making their own individual decisions. no one is ordering any family out of a traditional district school. >> it's interesting to note that mayor rahm emanuel is in favor of the charter schools in chicago. by the way, 36% of the kids in charter schools in chicago go on to college compared to only 11% in the regular public schools. i got to wrap it there. a very interesting debate. a lot of people interested in this. bob, leslie, thank you. dramatic opening in the trial of oscar pistorius. accused of murdering his girlfriend by shooting her through a bathroom door, how the prosecutors think the clothes that reeva steenkamp was wearing on the night she died are the key to a conviction. right back. >> the dispute is, how high was the firearm outside the door? will that be possible to
11:48 am
determine? yes, it will.
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check out these stung photos. nasa releasing them. earth as seen by astronauts at the international space station. the photos include self shots sf astronauts tinkering away. these astronauts are living the real deal right out there. >> in the meantime we're hearing chilling term in the murder tropical of oscar pistorius. accused of murdering his girlfriend. a neighbor taking the witness stand, saying she heard a woman's blood curdling scream can followed by shots. now reports the prosecution thinks the victim's clothes will
11:52 am
help them score a conviction, since she was wearing a blacktop and white shorts. prosecutors say that contradicts the pistorius' claim that the couple was sleeping when she went to the bathroom. joining me now our legal analyst. prosecution is says, clothes, conviction. >> it's not clothes, conviction. it is important because if his story is true, they were sleeping, then she was probably in pajamas or not wearing anything. she wouldn't be in street clothes. that goes to the prosecution's aspect she never was with him that way. they had a big fight, she ran into the bathroom for cover, and then what the neighbor said about the screaming. the screams before the shots were fired. that's really important. >> the thing thing is, it's just coming out the defense is apparently saying that pistorius, quote, sounds like a woman when he is screaming and that perhaps that is who this
11:53 am
witness heard, that it was actually oscar pistorius screaming and not riva. >> got love a defense lawyer. i and they'll probably bring in experts, and the prosecution will say that's not what he sounds like. this is tried and front of a judge, not a jury. so they have to be careful of trying to say something that is really going to say to the judge, you're not being fair. i understand what you're doing for your client but you're not being fair. >> look for the judge to look at facts and law. >> that's different. because in america we do things in front of a jury, more emotional, flamboyant. >> not so much the prosecution. here they have to be wary of doing that in front of one judge, who does have two assessors who will help in the decision, but comes down to one judge to decide if it's a conviction, what the penalty would be, 25 mandatory minimum
11:54 am
if it's murder. there's no death penalty in south africa so that's off the table. >> he know it's just a judge. how is it different? is the law different when it's a murder trial? >> not really, they're looking at intent. we know he killed her. dihe intend to kill her or he thought it was an intrude sore an accident. all about intent. what happen boyfriend. was -- what happened before. was there a fight, that's why the street clothes are important. did he formulate the thought to murder her. murder versus homicide versus accident. >> can the judge base it on something -- >> 25 years if intentional. gradations to acquittal. >> we'll have to see how this plays out. cameras in the courtroom on than when he testifies.
11:55 am
we can allow the cameras in. we're open to having the cameras in there. that's the message they're televising to us. >> why not letting us hear oscar pistorius? >> right. i know. gretchen. they're going to allow it in, you allow it all in. >> interesting ruling. hope you'll come back to comment on the trial. the corvette museum in kentucky not letting a sinkhole get them down. some classic rides swallowed up by the earth. look at that picture. they're about to see the light of day. a live look as they try to pull out more cars from the giant hole.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> prized cars at the national corvette museum in kentucky. crews are pulling rare corvettes to the surface. eight hot ride swallowed up by a sinkhole. no one was hurt. gm pledging to repair all of
11:59 am
those cars. well, here's a video the night the cars fell into the earth. wow. thankfully it was the middle of the night and no one was hurt. unbelievable. hope they can get the cars out. >> a food fight that is not for the faint of heart. thousands of people in northern itty turn -- italy turning out for the battle of the oranges. it is part of the carnival sell -- celebration. they say it's all part of tradition. >> we showed you ellen degeneres collecting tip ares for the pizza man. what do you tip? somebody says, i tip well over the imaginary 20%, especially in the harsh weather conditions. mike posted this: its depends. tips must be earned, not expected. jeremy posted: i just go get it myself. i do, however, tip myself with
12:00 pm
hot delicious pizza. i like that one. >> and anthony tweeted: i tip 20 bucks but the delivery guy is my son. all right. he appreciates it. thank you for sharing your thoughts. i'm gretchen. here shep. >> there is breaking news now. just minutes a. from the start of the united nations security council meeting about the entire situation in ukraine, coming at russia denied it's made a grand ultimate actual, and also the west tries to figure out how to get moscow to back down. >> a full-fledged war in the heart of europe. >> today we're live at the united nations texas white house, at the pentagon, and on the ground in kiev, as the world waits to see what is next. it's breaking news.

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